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First Class designs and facilitates learning and development to meet individuals’ differing learning styles. It has considerable experience developing the skills of individuals working within the services sectors. Since establishment in 1998, the business has built a reputation for high quality customised learning interventions that are fresh, up-to-date and memorable. It enjoys a growing client base of repeat customers and gains the majority of contracts through recommendations.

First Class often works with organisations to promote a culture in which individuals and teams are focused towards the achievement of business objectives. We help them to understand their roles, enabling them to prioritise their efforts to maximise personal and business performance.

First Class provides solutions. For example, reducing absenteeism and staff turnover, providing the skills for delegates to recruit suitable individuals, generate better team working, improve customer service, increase sales, or to prepare them to adhere to legislation. We work with businesses to analyse particular needs and to agree the best way in which First Class can provide support. This could be training or consultancy but may be an improvement to systems, action learning sets, one to one coaching or support.