Oliver James Enterprise (OJE) was formed in 2005. We deliver advanced bespoke medical, security, sports and business systems along with cutting edge web services, security and consultancy. We advise clients how to exploit technology to their advantage and ensure the right strategies, platforms and competencies exist to enable our clients to operate securely, efficiently and reliably.


We consistently deliver great value to businesses with our wide range of web, software and consultancy services.  We are able to solve business problems and improve core business processes.  We have worked with businesses which are just starting, right up to FTSE 100 companies.  If you need help or need to enhance your business, we’re here to serve.


We have delivered a number of services to healthcare companies which has included Pfizer and Glaxo Smith Kline.  Our Vereles medical software is one of the leading medical platforms available enabling medical organisations to work smarter and more efficiently with patient data and information.  We have also delivered crucial web platforms to enhance information delivery.


We deliver a wide range of quality services within the public sector which provide exceptional value for money.  We have assisted a number of public sector organisations within the UK.  Our vision, experience and deep understanding of the sector enable us to always deliver innovative services.


We deliver cutting edge IT solutions and consultancy services to a number of schools within the UK enabling them to make the most that technology has to offer.  We have provided valuable communications and emergency alert platforms for staff and enabled students to access their work from wherever they are in the world via our private cloud platform.


We have delivered a number of solutions to companies within the sports and entertainment sector.  We have also delivered web services to a number of sports clubs and societies.  A growing number of home users are also turning to us to install media servers in their homes so they can enjoy movies, music and monitor their home wherever they go in the world.


We have assisted a number of organisations within the security sector.  Our services have included cyber security consultation, data encryption, strategy realisation, best practice, workshops and training and providing fully managed information systems to the end user.

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