A strain of malware hidden inside apps on the Google Play store for Android has now infected close to 2 million Android devices in the past year.  The Malware known as ‘False Guide’ has been found in more than 45 Google Play store apps that provide walkthroughs and guides for games.   Once the device is infected, the FalseGuide malware hijacks the device which then adds it to a broader Botnet network.  It will then display pop up ads which contain malicious code or conduct denial of service attacks and comprimise networks.

Passwords Are Mostly to Blame

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations report has found that weak passwords are to blame for most attacks.  Some 2000 breaches and security incidents were analysed and of those 81% were easily-guessed or stolen passwords.  65% of all Malware attacks were found to have been started via malicious email attachments.

We highly recommend using Last Pass or an equivalent service to ensure you generate scrambled passwords for your accounts and to ensure they cannot be easily guessed.