Exchange server is the best business communication platform in the world and ensures that all your vital communications are at your fingertips, whether it’s on your desktop PC, smart phone, laptop or tablet device.  With exchange you remain fully organised and don’t need to use third party applications to synchronise all your vital communications and contact data.


Your organisation’s reputation can depend upon the security of yours and your client’s information. Hacking, Spyware, Data Loss and Spam are all terms that businesses have unfortunately become familiar with.  We protect our clients against the threats to their IT systems. We understand the value of information and treat information as an asset. We have a range of experience and toolsets to ensure you remain secure.


We provide a unique service which has been of great benefit to our customers who needed a coherent structure to their operations and activities. Based upon a statement of purpose which we help you to facilitate, we can build you a complete, unique and coherent strategy for your business. Because your strategy is then purpose driven, you can quickly see what you are currently doing and what you need to do to get to your desired purpose or goal(s).

It is an incredibly powerful approach to making things happen for you and your business. We have helped a number of customers implement their strategy which has helped increase revenues or deepened their understanding of a particular business problem.  We can turn your vision into a measurable reality.


The recent rise and acceptance of social computing places many businesses and their owners in a difficult position. They realise that social media technologies, platforms, strategies and programs have the ability to affect business decisions, actions and outcomes internally at the organisation or the way they work with clients. Our social media support services go beyond just using the technology, we can provide practices and procedures that enable more efficient, effective and net-new connections inside and outside your organisation to improve performance. We believe that social media technology should become part of the overall business strategy. The reason for this is that from the top, all employees must understand their roles in communicating the business into the social media world. Business are finding incredible value from social media networking but in order to arrive at the value, you need to use the technology in a consistent, efficient and professional way. The knowledge and opinion making in the world of social media makes it rife with opportunity to any business in today’s fast paced information world.


Whether you want to learn how to manage your computer, software, social media, understand new technology, operating systems or know how to perform better in IT then we can help. We deliver training using a variety of methods including public scheduled training, bespoke, customised, one-to-one and group training and consultancy, basically, whatever best fits your requirements. You don’t need to feel in the dark over IT and IT innovations.

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