Microsoft has ended support for three of it’s core tools recently.  They have stopped supporting Office 2007, Windows 10 November update (released November 2015), and the Windows Mobile phone operating system.

The most urgent update required is to patch the Windows 10 November patch numbered 1511.  Operating from this version will place you at risk of being hacked.  If any of you are still running this version, then please update immediately.  In the search box, type winver to find out what version of Windows you are running.

On 10th October, support for Office 2007 also ended.  If you still use Office 2007 then your best option is to upgrade to Office 365 (find out more here).  The best free alternative is Libre.

Next on the chopping block was the Windows Phone operating system.  Microsoft failed to make a dent into the already highly competitive mobile phone market and gave up the ghost to take on Apple and Google (Android) which are long established.  Current Windows phone users needn’t despair however because support is not ending, they are just not developing the operating system any further.  Even Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft recently admitted to using an Android phone due to the number of apps available on the platform.