In the age of cloud computing and web services, it’s important to ensure that websites and the data they retain is managed correctly. We provide a number of services to ensure your websites are safe and secure.


If your business or website requires sensitive data to be transferred via the web then we can install an SSL certificates to secure data transfer. Securing your login form, check out page or any other section of your website on which data is submitted will the sensitive information completely protected from “phishing” and MITM attacks.


If you would like to hide your personal information from spammers, scammers and competitors this service provides you with identity protection for your domain name and hosting account. By purchasing ID protect your personal information will be hidden and not viewable via domain whois websites and tools.


You can get additional protection for your website and data by storing up to 7 copies of it at a physically remote location as well as hard copies. This means in the worst case scenario we can roll back your website to an earlier version and get you backup and running in no time.


We can block access to websites from specific continents or countries by disallowing access to the regions IP addresses. We can also ensure that web services are only accessible within offices or specific geographic locations.


We install active firewall scanners on all open source solutions to protect again hack attempts and unauthorised intrusion. The firewall runs 24/7 and can auto block suspicious users who are misusing the site.


One of the most important factors when building and managing a website and system is the security which your environment provides. With the vast variety of open source software available, keeping track of all the threats that wait outside ain’t easy at all. We have a dedicated security analysts team that maintains the firewall systems and makes sure that your environment is always protected from even the latest threats.

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